Thursday, 16 July 2015

History of the Native Schools in Rotorua

Centenary of Maori Schools in New Zealand 1967

In the Rotorua Photonews the editor Jack Lang began a series of articles and photographs showcasing Rotorua's history of Maori Education. 

Below is the first page of his series published on 20 October 1967 pg 59-65, starting with the Renana School at Te Ngae which opened in 1896 and eventually closed in 1926 when Whangamarino and Rotokawa Maori Schools opened, in this edition are Whakarewarewa School and Horohoro School .   The following Photonews editions continued the history : November 17th 1967 p. 35-41 Whangamarino School and Rotokawa School ; December 15th 1967 p. 87-93 Rotoiti School and Wharepaina School, Reporoa.

To see the photographs and read about this fascinating history come to the Library's 2nd floor, Don Stafford Room, Heritage Collection.

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