Thursday, 13 November 2014

Rotorua Street Names Disappear

Compare the maps

See if you can spot the differences

Have you ever been certain you know where a street is and it’s on the map you have had for years, but you drive to where it should be, but... where is it?

Wises Borough of Rotorua 1935

In the 1960s there was a street called ‘Pearce Place’ off Malfroy Road, and even earlier than this in 1927 there was a street called Te Mapu Street in Fenton Park and off Old Taupo Road another called Horohoro Road which is now Springfield Road.
Others are: Railway Avenue; Whaka Road; Wairoa Road; Donne Street; Forestry Avenue and Peneha Street. 

This map was published in a
brochure for tourists c1940
 Excerpt from "Rotorua Streets" by Philip Andrews
"The earliest street names of the township appear on a plan in 1882... All but two of the 14 streets had Maori names : Arawa, Pukaki, Rangiuru, Hinemaru, Hinemoa, Tutanekai, Haupapa, Pukuatua, Eruera, Amohau, Pererika and Amohia". Page 3.
Moving on a few years ...
"Adam Place was one of a number of street name changes requested by NZ Post Office in 1981 because of duplication or similarity in sound or spelling"
The original name was David Place after the son of K.M. Griffiths, of Griffiths Holdings which subdivided land on either side of Edmund Road up to Clayton Road". Page 9.
This fascinating book is available to borrow from the 2nd Floor, Rotorua Collection at 993.423z AND

If you remember any of these streets tell/ share with us your memories.

Kete Rotorua has copies of maps from 1910, 1927, 1979 and 1984. Click the link to see them. 

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