Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Rotorua a Mecca for sports

Rotorua : a history of sport and sportsmen and sportswomen.

Rotorua Photo news Sept 21, 1963 p37. Photographer : Michael Burton

When Netball was still called Basketball, Rotorua hosted this tournament, which went on to become the Kurangaituku Tournament. This one was held at Kuirau Park when the nine courts were still there.

Still held annually at the Malfroy Netball Centre.  
From : Evenfinda Website, 2010 Kurangaituku Tournament
Along with a strong women's sports history there were many other opportunities to enjoy the outdoors for all ages.

 The following pages are from the Rotorua Photo News, 21 September 1963.

Photographs by Michael Burton.

This "Fly & Plug Casting" championships was held in Government Gardens, not sure what was there to be caught!
North Island Schoolboys' Soccer Championships, held at Rotorua Boys High School. August 1963.

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