Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Review : 1000 Years of Gardening in New Zealand by Helen Leach

An Anthropologist's View of Gardening History

Helen Leach's "1,000 years of gardening in New Zealand" published 1984 and Illustrated by Rotorua's well known artist Nancy Tichborne is an in depth look into Pre-European gardening and plants throughout Polynesia and Europe so as to give us the big picture. 

Quote from the Author " It is my belief that every New Zealander who has ever thrust a spade into a back garden and started a vegetable plot should know something about his or her antecedents... whether Maori or European" 

Along with Archaeologists and first European explorers, diaries and other published works, Helen Leach paints a word picture for us of young New Zealand pre-colonisation and moves us through time to the early 20th century of gardening for food and survival. Beautifully illustrated by Nancy Tichborne, early maps, charts and photographs.

Available to borrow from the 2nd Floor New Zealand History & Travel section at 635.0931z LEA


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