Sunday, 6 March 2016

Changing Face of Rotorua

Building Boom in Rotorua 

As recorded in the Rotorua Photo News by Michael Burton c1963-1967.

As I look around the Central Business District lately, I see lots of new buildings taking the place of old bungalow houses in Whakaue Street, 'new old' buildings in Pukaki Street and empty sections in Fenton Street. Having lived in Rotorua a looong time, seems like it anyway, these changes seem to be happening rather rapidly, but when I think back to my childhood and "the way we were" Rotorua has never stopped changing. So I thought I would share the following pictures from the Photo News to remind us that Rotorua has always been a forward thinking and vibrant city.

Just nearing completion, published in the Photo News Oct 23rd, 1965

The same Motel, January 2016.

Just before demolition starts, Photograph by Alison Leigh

New "Masonic Lodge" published in Photo News Oct 23rd, 1965
Almost the same view 1987, the Library was housed in this 'Temporary' location from c1972-1991

The 'New' sub-division of  Fenton Park In Apr 07, 1967 edition p91. Mr A. M. Linton presiding.

There are many more examples of 'new builds' throughout the Rotorua Photo News which can be viewed in the Don Stafford Room, 2nd Floor of the Rotorua District Library.

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