Tuesday, 5 April 2016

ANZAC 2016

We will Remember Them

Rotorua has many memorials to our brave soldiers from several wars which tells those of us who have not lived through those wars just how much they sacrificed for us.  In this current age of internet and social media, stories of war and bombings are current and ongoing in many countries, this has involved New Zealand soldiers on peacekeeping missions and more as the war against terror escalates. 

As ANZAC Day approaches I thought it was time to remember some of Rotorua's Decorated Officers.  The following clip was printed in the New Zealand Herald 14 January 1942.

To read more about Rotorua's contribution to the two World Wars, the Rotorua District Library has copies of James Cowan's 'The Maori's in the Great War', David Daniel's 'Air Force Blues' and Don Stafford's 'The New Century in Rotorua: a history of events from 1900' 

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