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New Zealand Music Month, Post 3, Sir Howard Morrison

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Sir Howard Morrison in his own words : "I'd been singing from the time I was a kid, milking my cows at Ruatahuna, in the bush when I came back on holidays from Te Aute... but this was my introduction to singing in a disciplined way, in public."  

"The Whataraus got me to join the church choir, then the Awapuni Concert Party. And from that, two Whatarau sisters, Isobel and Virginia, and I formed the Clive Trio --- the first popular singing group I was ever involved with." in Howard : the life and times of Sir Howard Morrison p.38

From : Howard : the life and times of Sir Howard Morrison p.39

To read more of this great book come up to the Library's 2nd Floor, Maori Collection, 782.42z MOR

From the Clive Trio to the Howard Morrison Show
in Rotorua Photo News Jul 31, 1965 p.33.
The Rotorua Photo News, published 1963-1971, has many more photographs of Sir Howard and his Quartet.

For more information on Sir Howard click these links to some great sources :

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