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Fishing in the Great Outdoors of Rotorua

Trout Fishing a popular sport in Rotorua since c.1886

From "Don Stafford Collection" Fish & Wildlife folder :
"Mr R.D. Dansey noted in his diary of 1900 a memo regarding trout distribution in the Rotorua District"  as follows :
"1874  Josiah Firth. March. White fish ova from America in Awahou Spring and Stream, also Lake Tarawera.  No fish ever heard of as being seen."

So, not successful then, it seems, but by 1886 it is also noted that the "Rotorua Town Board paid J.H. Taylor to obtain and carry fish fry from Tauranga."

In 1893 Mr R.D. Dansey, himself, introduced Rainbow Trout into streams on the western side of Lake Rotorua and also into Lake Taupo.
From Papers Pas

With thanks to Phil Andrews book "The Ngongotaha Story" for the following information :

So keen were the trout fishermen that the 'Waikuta Trout Hatchery' came into being in 1907, set up by the Tourist & Health Resorts Department.  The 1st trout hatchery was at " Te Ahi on the Pukahu Stream, near Lake Rotorua. 
A second hatchery was proposed at Waimata Springs in c1923, below the site of the former pa named Waimata on the northern flank of Mt Ngongotaha. A salmon station was also proposed to be sited close by.
Eventually the "Waimata Hatchery site was gazetted an acclimatisation reserve on 27 November 1924" 

To read more of this story, Phil Andrews book is available to borrow from the NZ History & Travel section at 993.423z AND.

Trout fishing is still a very popular sport and Rotorua's lakes, and selected streams in trout fishing season, are sought by anglers from far and wide.

Here are some sites to help you choose your favourite fishing spot :

Eastern Region Fish and Game

Rotorua Trout Guide

Rotorua Trout

Cruise and Fish

or take out a book from the Library :)  we have lots of titles to choose from at 799.1757z in the Sports Section.

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