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Rotorua : our social history

Rotorua : Our Social Side 

Rotorua has from early in our history been a very social place, a place to visit but also a place to belong. 

Our Library has a collection of newsletters from clubs and organisations, the oldest of these being "The Waybill" Newsletter of the Rotorua Model Railway Club 1967-1969. Our earliest Rotorua Who's Who was published in 1961 and lists clubs and associations with contact information. 

The Rotorua Model Railway Club first appears in the 1964 edition.   This club still exists today and is a popular hobby for many.
This Rotorua Who's Who is available to peruse in the Heritage & Research Area.
Library has all copies for 1961-1988.

Another early enthusiasts club was the Rotorua Car Club, our sources show that this club goes back to 1957, but it may have been earlier.  
When did the club first begin? What are your memories and do you have photographs to share?

Air Scouts at opening of new Rotorua Airport 1964.
Published in Rotorua Photo News, Oct 24th edition, Photographer Michael Burton.

Rotorua Library has a Community Online Archive called Kete Rotorua, we would love to hear from anyone who was a member of a club that still exists today and ones that no longer exist, we would like to here from you too!     Join Kete Rotorua today and add to Rotorua's social history.

Rotorua's new Masonic Lodge in Rotorua Photo News Oct 23 1965 p.55 

Mobile Library outside the Fenton Street Library housed on
the ground floor of the Masonic Lodge 1987

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