Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Rotorua Summer of STEAM Post #2 Book Review of Phil Andrews 'Gold and Geysers'

Camille Malfroy 

Jean Michel Camille Malfroy, Photograph by Alison Leigh for Kete Rotorua

Gold and Geysers: the remarkable Mr Malfroy by Philip Andrews.
Available to read from the New Zealand Heritage Collection. 993.423z MAL

Mr Jean Michel Camille Malfroy, known in Rotorua as Camille Malfroy.

Phil Andrews writes a fascinating story on the life of Mr Malfroy, for whom Malfroy Road was named.  
A Gold prospector, Gold Mining Company owner, Ingenious Engineer and Geyser Engineer.

In Phil’s introduction he records for us a snapshot of the popular and well like man who moved to NZ from the Australian gold fields in c1863. Phil covers Malfroy’s early life in the region of the Ross goldfields before moving to Rotorua just days after the Tarawera Eruption.  He becomes an integral part of the Rotorua community and was responsible for building up the Government Gardens and township where it is today. 

Malfroy’s Geysers are no longer geysers but the site can still be seen in the Government Gardens today.
Photograph by Alison Leigh for Kete Rotorua 
The photograph below was taken c.1919 by Frederick George Radcliffe.
Malfroy Geyser, Rotorua. Ref: 1/2-006566-F.
Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/23145912

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