Friday, 7 October 2016

Tulip Festival in Rotorua

2016 Tulip Fest 

Rotorua hosted its very first Tulip Festival in 2014 with a range of events including guided tulip walks, guest speakers and a weekend market in Jean Batten Square. 

The dazzling display of tulips have become a major highlight of Rotorua's floral showcase in the inner city and nearby parks.

Photograph by Alison Leigh 2015.
To have your own Tulip Fest in your garden start planning now as you drive around Rotorua admiring all the many colours and varieties.

Pick up a book or two from the Rotorua Library :

Summer Bulbs by Peter McHoy 635.94 MCH
The perennial matchmaker by Nancy Ondra 635.932 OND

or check out this video of Eion Scarrow on 'Dig This' for gardening advice from the 1970s and Maggie Barry's Ellerslie Flower Show on NZOnScreen.

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