Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Who's Who in Rotorua

Here's a sample of Who in 1964

Star Electrical existed in Rotorua from the early 1960s as two separate shops, one on each side of Tutanekai Street. By 1967 the site of the Old Empire Hotel was bought by R. Archibald and the hotel demolished by Flowerdays Demolition Co. for £5000.

Star Building was then built to join the two shops together as one.  This building now houses the Dollar Value shop, Pagani fashion store and Vegas fashion (2012)
This photograph taken by Library Staff in 2012.

From the 1964 Who's Who in Rotorua.
 Rotorua Library has, from 1961-1990, the 'Who's Who in Rotorua' publication which gives a snapshot of Rotorua's business heritage. 

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