Friday, 12 January 2018

Rotorua Library, Summer of STEAM

Rotorua Bridges,  c1872-1959.

1. Okere Bridge c.1872 built by McAuley, Bumpus & Co. at Mourea, it was a ‘Truss Bridge’ rebuilt in 1883 by James White and again in c.1899-1900 by Ernest Kusabs.

Remained in use until it collapsed 1 November 1957 taking a logging truck with it 30 ft below into the rapids. A new concrete bridge was under construction at the time, so a Bailey Bridge was erected temporarily until the new one opened 17 February 1958.

2. Ohau Channel  c.1872
In 1891 the channel was moved and made larger to accommodate the steam launch. This later caused flooding on the private land on either side.
A new bridge at Ohau Channel  was opened 5th February 1959.

3. Mr Dunbar Johnson ordered a Foot Bridge built to cross the Puarenga March c.1885, which replaced the one used by locals described as a few planks placed between rocks.

Replaced by a bridge that could take road traffic in 1897, built by Mr George McAuley. It was not immediately used for road traffic.  This was called the ‘Wahiao Bridge’
A new bridge was opened 7.11.1931 see Rotorua Morning Post.

Photograph courtesy of the Sir George Grey Special Collection. Auckland Libraries. 35-R1290'
Te Hokowhitu A Tu

Memorial gateway at entrance of Te Whakarewarewa Village by the bridge crossing the Puarenga Stream. Commemorates soldiers of Tuhourangi who died in the two World Wars, opened 22 April 1950.
In "New Century of Rotorua" by Don Stafford, p 294-295.

4. Utuhina Stream bridge at Old Taupo Road, approximately where the current bridge is, c.1872
   Lake Road - Utuhina Bridge – a concrete one –widened and replaced c.1956 this remained until the new Lake Road layout in 2012.

Utuhina Bridge 2012. Photograph by Faeryl Rotherham. Courtesy of  Kete Rotorua 

5. Te Niho o Te Kiore (Atiamuri) c.1873

A road was in construction by Capt. Gilbert Mair and his troops, the bridge was opened 26.3.1873

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