Friday, 5 January 2018

Rotorua's Arty Makeovers.

Fish Out of Water 2017/2018 

12 New designs and some new artists have contributed this year along with your favourite artists of previous years fishy 'tales'. 

From this

Princess Fishy 2016

To this

The Red Baron 2017

And Unison Box Makeovers 2017, 'The Rotorua Experience'.

From This
Unison Box by Jill Walker & Simon Stanway

To This
Unison Box by Paul X Walsh 2017

'Creative Rotorua' is responsible for the new and vibrant makeovers in the CBD and the annual Fish Out of Water competition. There are also the Sulphur Lake Sculpture Trail and the Rotorua Public Art Trail along with other seasonal events which you can find here

The Arts Village is responsible for these amazing events, The 200 Show and Open Studio's Project. Also they have studio's rented out to local art groups, craft classes and more

Not forgetting the Rotorua Museum. There are still events and exhibitions on around the city so look out for those.

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