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Church Time Line Rotorua 1831-1981

Rotorua Churches 1831-1981

  • Missionaries 1831-1880
  • Te Koutu Mission Station c.1835. Anglican/CofE
    • Mokoia Island Mission Station c.1838. Anglican/CofE
    • Te Ngae Mission Station c.1843 Anglican/CofE
    • Te Mu c.1845-1861– Anglican/Church of England.
  • St Joachim c.1847 - Roman Catholic, Pukeroa Hill
  • Te Mapou, Tapuaekura  (Lake Rotoiti) c.1850-
  • St Faith’s c.1880 – Anglican, Muruika Peninsula
  • Baptist Mission, Te Wairoa 1882-1886
  • St Michael’s c.1890 – Roman Catholic, Ohinemutu /St Michael's – new church built around old one Feb 1964- see Photo News 15 Feb 1964 pg. 3
    • New school built behind Convent c.1903. 
  • Salvation Army c.1891-1955 – Arawa Street approx.  80 Arawa Street  (becomes new Palace Tavern c.1966)
      • Red Shield Hut c.1914-1943, Soldier’s Institute – Arawa Street, possibly 81 or 83 (new McGill’s 1954)
      • Salvation Army c.1956 - 271 Old Taupo Road
      • New Citadel 1987 a Lockwood Building at 271 Old Taupo Road.
  • St Joseph’s c.1892 – Near Taheke
  • St John’s c.1896-1988 – Pukuatua Street, Presbyterian 
      • Trinity Presbyterian Church c.1901– current at Mamaku 
      • Trinity Presbyterian Church c 1950 – 13 School Rd, Ngongotaha.
      • St John’s in the City – c.1989-2017 Cnr. Ranolf & Victoria Streets 
      • St John’s on Fenton c.2017- at 276 Fenton Street (to be rebuilt Cnr. Ranolf & Victoria)
  • St Luke’s c.1899-1973 – Haupapa Street, Anglican
      • St Luke’s c.1975-Present – Cnr Pukuatua & Amohia Streets
      • St Andrew’s-St David’s Presbyterian, c.1958-c.2014. Cnr Devon and Old Taupo Rd.
      • Also known as St Andrew’s on the Roundabout.
  • St Mary of the Cross c.1904 – Whakarewarewa, Anglican. – Renamed Te Arawa Church.
    • Church of the Immaculate Conception c.1904 – Whakarewarewa, Roman Catholic.
  • Bainbridge Memorial Church c.1906-1982 Hinemoa Street, United Methodist.
      • Bainbridge Methodist Church c.1986- Old Taupo Road
      • Methodist at Mamaku,  see c.1908.
    • St Joseph’s at Owhata (Roman Catholic Church) c.1907, and St Joseph’s at Mamaku.
    • Father Kreymbourg built these two churches himself.
      • St Michael’s at Mamaku c.1912, 1925. St Joseph’s (1933-1986) The Catholic Church at Mamaku is blown off its piles in a severe storm. DP 11.7. 1986.
  • Methodist Church at Mamaku c.1908- Mr Souster and his brother-in-law build the first.
  • St Peter’s on the Rock c.1911-2017 – Mamaku, Anglican.
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception.  c.1915–c.2012. 27 Taui St, Ngongotaha.  Used by Oasis Church c.2008-2012. Church demolished c2013.
  • St Barnabas c 1924– (16 School Road) Ngongotaha [initially used by all denominations needing a church hall in Ngongotaha.]
  • Chapel of Ease c.1926-c.1959? At the St Joseph’s Convent – Ranolf Street
      • See St Mary’s Church 1954.
      • New Convent on Carnot Street opened 1959.
  • Devon Street Hall – c.1928- Cnr. Fenton & Devon Streets – Church of England
      • St Chad’s (c.1982-Present.  St Chad’s Charitable Trust.)
St Chad's c.1920's  Cnr. Devon and Fenton Streets.
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-6217' 
  • St Peter’s c.1933 - Owhata Marae, Anglican
  • Bethesda Chapel c.1934-1955 – 36 Eruera Street, Brethren
      • Ranolf Street Gospel Chapel, c.1957-1970 – Ranolf Street.
      • Fenton Park Gospel Chapel, c. 1970- Cnr Ward & Hilda Streets. [Fenton Park Bible Church]
      • Roosevelt Road Gospel Chapel – c.1969 - 5 Roosevelt Road, Western Heights.
      • See New Heights c.2005-2007. Reverts to Roosevelt Rd Bible Church.
      • Mamaku Brethren c.1960's-2008/09?
Fenton Park Gospel Chapel in construction
Rotorua Photonews 9 May 1970 pg.2

  • St Paul’s c.1935 – 28 Church Road, Ngapuna. (Anglican) Consecrated by Bishop of Aotearoa 30th June 1935.
  • Baptist c.1939 – a visiting Minister from Putaruru came to Rotorua to hold services until…
      • 1st Church, officially opened c.1945 – 100 Malfroy Road.
      • Baptist (new church) next to old one, opened 9.2.1978 see Daily Post for story.
  • Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) c.1930's – New church opened c.1960 - 10 Rimu Street.
  • St Mary’s Catholic Church, 1954-1984 - Ranolf Street.
    • New Church plans, for a new building/renovation of the 1954 church in 1984.
  • St Mary’s Anglican Church, c.1954 at Horohoro Marae.  Either Kearoa or Rongomaipapa
  • Kingdom Hall c.1956-2004–Jehovah’s Witness – 303 Fenton Street.
    • Kawaha Point Kingdom Hall 1995-
    • Ngongotaha Congregation c1990-
    • c.2004- Kingdom Hall – moved out of Fenton street to new church 250 Vaughan Road.

  • St Columba Presbyterian Hall, c.1958-c.1993 at 155-157 Clayton Road. [A church was to be moved here from Tauranga in 1982.]
  • Wesleyan Methodist Church c. 1959-1980. At 219 Clayton Road [church used by other denominations since 1980]
  • Methodist Church – 1962 - Ngongotaha (see also previous one at Mamaku 1939) 
  • The Apostolic Church : (also known as Bethel Temple) – c.1961-1984. 70 Malfroy Road (included Bible College c.1966)
    • Rotorua Apostolic Life Centre 1984-c.1995: 1 Maisey Place
    • 46 Hinemoa Street  c.1996 - Cnr Tutanekai & Pukaki Streets c.1998 - Lake City Church 
    • Destiny c.2005-
  • Christian Science Society c.1961 – does not have own building until c.1972-1977. Cnr Old Taupo Rd and Konene Street.
  • St David’s Presbyterian c.1963-current at Reeve Road, Owhata.
  • St Francis Church c.1963-1970's is used by Western Heights Play Centre 1970's, 13 Thomas Crescent (Anglican)
    • St Francis Whanau Aroha Day Care.  c.2000-current at 13 Thomas Crescent.   
  • All Saints Hall c1963–sold-c2017. 223 Malfroy Road, Anglican. [also used by other denominations for church services.]
  • Lutheran Church c.1967–c1999 89 Sunset Road [now a Daycare Centre]
  • Church of the Good Shepherd c1970– Awahou – non denominational - Ngati Rangiwewehi Marae.
  • Seventh - day Adventist c.1950- 6 Tilsley Street – school opens 1965.
    • Seventh - day Adventist, c.1970-current. (New church) 311 Fenton Street.
    • Samoan-Tokelauan Seventh-day Adventist c.2016-current, 274 Old Taupo Rd
    • Maranatha Seventh - day Adventist c2014-current, in Old St Andrews Church, Old Taupo Road
  • Baha’i Faith - c.1975-c.1979, 1984-current.  
  • Assembly of God, c.1972-1992 – 14 Gibson Street, Fenton Park.
    • Assembly of God c.1986-current at 20-40 Biak Street 
    • Samoan Independent Assembly of God. c.1977–2006.  274 Old Taupo Road.
  • St Paul’s c.1975 – Ngakuru (was St Bride’s from Auckland) Presbyterian - becomes Christ’s Church (shared between Anglican, Roman Catholic and Presbyterian congregations). Services were held in the School Hall c.1927 and 1950's.
  • Bible Baptist Church.  c.1978-current 55-71 Pukehangi Rd. [Church built c.1980's]

With thanks to the Don Stafford Collection, Papers Past and Rotorua Library Photonews collection, Who's Who in Rotorua and Rotorua Phone Directory collections.

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