Friday, 11 September 2015

Book Review : How to make a piupiu by Leilani Rickard

Traditional Maori Crafts

Information from : How to make a Piupiu 

Leilani Rickard a Whakarewarewa Guide in the 1970s had to weave taniko headbands, bodices and other garments as part of her job.  

At the time the guides were told that the modern piupiu was manufactured mainly as an entertainment accessory during the cultural renaissance of the Maori people at the end of the nineteenth century. Leilani goes on to delve into the history and tradition of piupiu making.  

Harakeke (Phormium tenax) is the material used and this can be harvested many times, however Leilani cautions against harvesting too often as this affects the fibre in the plant.
Leilani goes on to talk about the tools, methods including the plants used for dyeing and patterns.  
Her step by step instructions for making you own piupiu are clear and easy to follow with colour photographs, a flow chart showing the production process, a glossary and references.

This photograph was taken in the Rotorua District Library
when Leilani demonstrated her craft. August 2008
Available to borrow from the Maori Collection on the 2nd Floor 746.41z RIC

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