Friday, 4 September 2015

Discover Your Hobby @ the Rotorua District Library

A brief history of knitting in New Zealand

The Loving Stitch : a history behind knitting and spinning in New Zealand by Heather Nicholson.

Excerpt from the Introduction :
"This New Zealand Story of the craft of knitting is a celebration of our Anglo-Celtic heritage... as New Zealanders, those of us with northern European roots have our own traditions and a culture that is quite distinct from 'the old country' wherever it may be"

From this book I've learnt the following 5 facts :

1. The early missionaries were responsible for bringing and teaching the art of knitting to New Zealand as early as 1814 when Samuel Marsden set up his mission in Rangihoua. It was deemed necessary to introduce the "Arts of Civilized Life".

2. Most of the old pattern books included recipes for lace edgings, beaded purses, collars, trims, gloves, pin cushions, window curtains, various sorts of wraps and scarves along with cloths and runners.

3. Some women preferred knitting curtains to doing monotonous black wool stockings! I see their point.

4. Among the earliest records of jersey's worn in New Zealand are Angas's portraits of Hone Heke.

5. By the mid-1890s rugby teams were tidily uniformed in standard collarless jersey's with reinforced leather facings and long knee length knickerbockers.

There are many more fascinating facts and photographs to enjoy in this book, which can be borrowed from the 2nd Floor New Zealand History and Travel section at 746.432z NIC

This book by Kari Cornell and Jean Lampe showcases a great range of vintage patterns that you can make for yourself or your family. 

This book has some quirky patterns for the intrepid knitter, and, 
this seems to be a more modern knitters fashion, knitting food...

even Boyfriends, yes you can! 

All these titles are available to borrow at the Library, so try a new technique today!

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