Friday, 18 September 2015

Hobbies are for everyone

DIY it's in our DNA 

Quote from "Blokes & Sheds" by Jim Hopkins " A bloke's lost if he hasn't got his workshop" 

For NZ blokes, hobbies can be anything from collecting oil bottles to making DIY Fly Catchers. Then there's making model ships, cars, trains or useful things to sell or give, mostly from found bits and pieces or wood off cuts.  Above all no matter what the hobby a bloke must have his shed. 

Jim Hopkins books,  'Blokes & Sheds' and 'Inventions from the shed' are a great source of ideas and inspiration for any bloke looking for something to occupy his time or just get out of the house.


Excerpt : Douglas Chell and the Anti-thumb thumper. p.50 

"This is the invention every bruised thumb has been waiting for. And it took a good bruising to get it invented... unexpectedly, his invention's been a hit, so to speak in kindergartens... teachers love it, because they don't have to hold the nail." 

Something so simple and practical! 

Both titles are available to borrow from the New Zealand Collection on the 2nd Floor.

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